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john rodak art

I am always amazed as to what comes out of my pen and onto the paper each time I sit down to draw. The pointillist style I use is an excellent technique in which to capture the blacks, whites and gray shadings in-between. The subject matter I select serves two goals: first, the image / idea has to challenge how I use my drawing style for that project. There are details, shadings, contrasts, reflections, etc., that need to be considered as the work progresses. Second, and even more important, is that image / idea has to challenge the viewer. I most often use statuary and structures as my focus. These represent a dignity in their existence, a resilience to the passing of time, and, their importance to the people and communities they are found in even though they may have sadly fallen into neglect, specially in this modern day of immediate satisfaction.


About the artist
JOHN A. RODAK is an instructor, illustrator and graphic designer specializing in visual and creative communications. His unique illustrations of structures and sights are visually captured in dots (better known as pointillism).
He is an expatriated Ohioan, born in Elyria and educated at the University of Cincinnati. His career as an educator began in 1972 with the Cincinnati Public Schools, and continues today in his private art classes and artistic endeavors. His first major exhibit, 'HARVEST: Twilight of the Barn in Ohio', was a series of original illustrations that depicted the condition of Ohio barns and toured that state from 2002 through 2004. Recent shows have been in Brenham (Back Loft Gallery), Chappell Hill (Historic Museum) and San Antonio (Wayland Baptist University).
He and his wife, Lan Hsi Wen, live in Houston amidst an array of books, reference photos, drawing tools, table tennis paddles and guitars. Mr. Rodak has even been known to pick up a guitar and pen an original song or two.
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